Todally reviews are captured in a holistic and standardized way that enables clarity and ease of comparison between consumer experiences.


All opinions and ratings on Todally are certified to be created by real people having had real experiences, which eliminates dodgy reputation management schemes.


Todally’s proprietary, AI-powered, two-phase review process enables real-time customer engagement, allowing for misteps to be addressed when it matters.

Certified Reviews You Can Todally Trust

Todally provides reviews that are certified to be both authentic and standardized, meaning only real people who had real experiences can provide their opinions in an authentic and standardized way. Todally's certified reviews will enable fine-grained search that leverages the granular, detailed nature of our certified reviews. Todally’s proprietary technology, and AI-driven standardisation procedure, uses virtual assistants and does not allow the posting of fake reviews, nor carry out dodgy, computer-generated reputation management tricks.

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“ A majority said it trusted none of the above [hotel review sites]. Take a minute to let that sink in. None of the top sites were trustworthy.... The era of anything-goes, unverified hotel reviews is quickly coming to an end. Users already know it. Now it’s up to someone to create a hotel review site that people can finally trust. ”

Christopher Elliott, Forbes

Real-Time Engagement

Our vision is for Todally to improve the life of our members by enabling better leisure, hospitality and shopping experiences. While transparently learning from others is already great, we believe that giving users the power of interacting with suppliers in real time is yet another revolutionary and invaluable tool. In fact, wouldn’t it be amazing if, for example, service providers or merchants could make up for a misstep in a timely manner, meaning when it really matters to you? Todally’s approach allows for reviews to go from a “fire and forget” event to an opportunity for a business and its clients to fruitfully engage.

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“Truly listening is hearing the needs of the customer, understanding those needs and making sure the company recognizes the opportunities they present.”

Frank Eliason, Citi Bank

Personalized Recomendations

As we get more and more reviews,we get to know you better and better. By knowing what you really liked, and maybe what you didn’t like as much - or even hated - we will be able to provide you personalized recommendations for amazing experiences which will delight you! Thanks to its proprietary technology, Todally will indeed discreetly and in a timely fashion provide you with AI-powered recommendations, enabling you to achieve exceptional experiences.

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“35 percent of what consumers purchase on Amazon and 75 percent of what they watch on Netflix come from product recommendations based on algorithms. ”

Ian MacKenzie, McKinsey

Why Todally

Todally provides reviews that are authentic and standardized and which are certified to be entirely trustworthy. To expand on this, by “authentic” we mean that Todally guarantees that only real people, who have had a real experience or actually purchased an item, are able to provide reviews. By “standardized” we mean that, all Todally reviews are, thanks to the platform’s proprietary AI-powered technology - and of course with the reviewer’s consent and confirmation - captured in such a way that makes them fully comparable with reviews of similar products or services.

Based on this foundation of certified reviews, Todally creates value for both consumers and businesses. For consumers, Todally generates value by means of personalized recommendations and financial rewards for active engagement on the platform. For businesses (e.g. hotels, airlines, restaurants, retailers, etc.), Todally generates value with leading-edge business intelligence, the opportunity to engage customers in real time, in order to address issues as they are happening, and a disruptive digital marketing and brand advocacy toolkit.

Guaranteed Rewards for Active Engagement

At Todally, we feel that authentic reviews, be they positive or negative, are great opportunities for businesses to improve and grow, and believe that users should be tangibly rewarded for providing their feedback. For this reason, the users’ appraisal and content-creation activities will be compensated through Todally’s Incentives & Rewards Program.

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Digital Marketing & Brand Advocacy

As a way to reward users for their authentic testimonial-style promotion, Todally makes leaving reviews and engaging on social media more appealing through its Incentives & Rewards Program. Our IRP plan enables suppliers to potentially leverage reviews and social media content posted via Todally as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Business Intelligence You Can Trust!

Todally recognizes that we can also enable great customer experiences by supplying merchants, e-tailers and service providers with crucial data to help them better run and improve their business. Todally will provide these market players with AI-enhanced business intelligence, customer behaviour and market insights, based on the foundation of certified reviews.

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